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Powering down a CX500, CX400, CX300, CX200 series storage system

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The CX500 series refers to the CX500 and CX500i; the CX300 series refers to the CX300 and CX300i; the CX200 series refers to the CX200 and CX200LC.

In the CX500 series, CX400, CX300 series, and CX200 series storage systems, the power supplies in the DPE are plugged into the SPSs units. From the rear of the cabinet, the B-side power supply (left) in the DPE is plugged into the B-side SPS (left) and the A-side power supply (right) in DPE is plugged into the A-side SPS (right). Some CX300 or CX200 storage systems have only one SPS. In such a storage system, from the rear of the cabinet, the A-side power supply (right) is plugged into the SPS and the B-side power supply (left) is connected directly to the AC source.

Failure to follow the procedure below can result in loss of data and extended times of data unavailability while the storage system is returned to normal operation.

The only power switches that you should use to shutdown a DPE are the power switches on the standby power supplies (SPSs). If the power supplies in DPE have power switches, never use these switches to power down the DPE. Use only the SPS power switches to ensure that unwritten data in the SPs is not lost and is stored safely on the storage-system vault drives.

1. Stop all I/O to the storage system.

2. Wait approximately 5 minutes for the write cache to finish its writes to the storage system.

If it does not complete the writes, following the procedure below ensures data integrity.

3. For a storage system with two SPSs, on each SPS, turn off the power switch.

Never turn off the power to the DPE using any switches on the power supply. Never unplug any AC power cords going to the DPE to disconnect power to these chassis.

When this operation is complete, the SPSs power off by themselves, which removes power to the DPE source.

4. For a storage system with one SPS, power down the power supply that is connected directly to the AC source after the power supply that is connected to the SPS is powered down.

5. After the SPSs are powered off and the power supplies connected to them are powered off, turn off any other DAEs in the storage system by using their power switches or by removing the AC power cords from their AC source.

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