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VMware Horizon Introducing DaaS

Written by Roy Mikes on Monday, 17 February 2014. Posted in VMware

End-to-End Software Platform

VMware Horizon DaaS (previously Desktone) enables to centralize desktop environments and manage these as a Cloud service. Initially available to customers as an on-premise service or by VMware vCloud Service Provider Partners offering DaaS in the cloud or within hybrid deployments. Users will be able to access their Windows applications, data and desktops using VMware’s HTML5 technology to their Chromebook.

I'm always skeptical when it comes to cloud. Not that I am not embrace Cloud, but people love to jump in the water. I am not a big fan of Chroombook but this sounds pretty cool.  Besides it's cool it makes sense to cooperate with Google on this. The legacy desktop is going through a significant change. Users are more remote than ever before. As you know Cloud applications allow flexibility, scalability and security and enable a work-anywhere environment. But somehow I get chills and chest pain knowing Google is managing my desktop. But who cares in about 5 years from now, right. 

Despite DaaS as a wonderful solution their are advantages and disadvantages. The flexibility to work anywhere on any connected device is unbeatable. But it may not work offline. Not all virtual desktop models deliver significant cost savings. A businesscase is required when flexibility isn't leading. A Vendor lock-in can occur in some case scenarios. What about your data? Data may be accessible from not desired locations so new models of security need to be considered. Is performance guaranteed or are you stuck with poor performance. But when this is not the case it's enjoyable to use. Users love no longer lugging laptops around and being able to work anywhere on their own fast, performant desktops.

VMware offers a complete and proven blueprint for enabling service providers to deliver DaaS. Partners can easily enter the DaaS market with an integrated technology platform using VMware Horizon DaaS Platform and a simple licensing program from VMware for the complete stack. 

VMware's goal is simple – to provide their partners with an end-to-end software platform that they can serve customers with, using a scalable low cost DaaS cloud solution. The integration of three key technologies makes VMware Horizon DaaS Platform unique from other offerings:

  1. Desktone by VMware: Industry’s leading secure multi-tenant broker and orchestrator – Desktone by VMWare is built on a multi-tenant grid architecture that provides central management of multiple tenants and clouds that keeps  secure information about each tenant completely separate to stay in compliance with MS licensing. Its role-based portal provides clear and comprehensive control for the service provider, tenant and end-users accessing the desktops.
  2. VMware Horizon View Experience: Desktop delivery technology with mobile and cloud-optimized end-user experience – Over the course of last several years, we have designed our VDI solution, Horizon View, to deliver a great user experience. In fact, Gartner recently recognized Horizon View for delivering a great experience from any device, anywhere. We have integrated our Horizon View delivery technology with the Desktone broker, giving our customers the best of both worlds – a cloud-based broker platform and a cloud-optimized delivery. This means end-users will be able to simply use their Horizon View clients to connect to desktops both on-premise or off-premise through the cloud, without any difference in their overall experience.
  3. VMware Virtualization and Cloud Platform: Using the industry’s leading technology – Every DaaS platform runs on a virtualization and cloud platform, and VMware is a leading provider of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The VMware Horizon DaaS Platform has been fully integrated with key components of VMware vCloud, including vSphere and vCenter.

You can learn more about the VMware Horizon DaaS Platform and the VMware Service Provider Partner (VSPP) program 

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Roy Mikes

Roy Mikes has developed a deep knowledge of virtualization, storage and Cloud in a broad perspective over the past 18 years, but also streamlines his focus recently more and more on AI and Blockchain. Because of that knowledge and focus, Roy works as an Advisory Partner Solution Development Lead & Evangelist at Dell EMC.

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