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VMware Horizon App Manager

on Monday, 13 February 2012. Posted in VMware

It's all about apps and Cloud is changing the game

It's all about apps they say. Who are they? I believe Apple started it, Microsoft and Google copied it. Now Cloud is changing the game, Again it's all about apps. Driven by a changing workforce that expects access to its data anytime, anywhere, organizations are turning to a new, rapidly expanding generation of SaaS applications to meet productivity needs. VMware Horizon App Manager provides a hybrid cloud management service that delivers the end user the convenience of a self-service workspace and access to a corporate application store for their cloud applications, while providing simplified IT governance visibility, lifecycle and control. The service can be deployed in days without costly hardware and complex, time-consuming integration efforts, generating a faster ROI.

What is VMware Horizon? VMware Horizon App Manager is a hosted service that enables organizations to centrally manage the provisioning, access and usage of software- as-a-service (SaaS) applications, while applying the standardized security and access controls the organization requires. This dramatically reduces the cost of ownership and increases the security of SaaS applications for the enterprise. Users have a single login across multiple devices, with self service access to a corporate store for their SaaS and Web-based applications.

Unfortunately, too often I hear manager say 'let's Host', without motivation. It would not surprise me that it costs more misery than brings in money. A good initiative when it's well thought out. More then often this is not the case, The path to, is much more interesting than arriving.

VMware Horizon App Manager can be deployed immediately without costly hardware or complex, time-consuming integration efforts. There's an integration with VMware ThinApp introducing from version 4.7 the enablement of a packages in a cloud-based deployment and management platform with VMware Horizon Application Manager. More and more applications will be web-based.

But! There's always a but! Why is there always a But!. Can figure it out! Ok enough fun. Still there are a lot of apps which are not ready to access via the cloud. Until then you will always have a shared environment between local and public cloud initiatives. That does not necessarily need to be bad. On the contrary. So you need to have a good strategy. Besides that, how cool, efficient, effective, flexible and cost reducing would that be. I repeat myself by saying it's not only to tooling which makes it possible. It's about making conscious choices and the path that leads you there.

VMware Horizon App Manager is the first milestone in VMware Project Horizon, an advanced development effort at VMware focused on enabling organizations to deliver a user-centric computing model that gives end users simple, secure access to resources across a range of device platforms. VMware Horizon App Manager will build the foundation for a unified, policy-driven cloud service, evolving beyond SaaS applications to include Windows applications and data access.

source: VMware

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