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Uptime (VMware and Business Continuity)

on Sunday, 30 August 2009. Posted in VMware

As we're all putting the final touches on preparation for VMworld, wanted to give a quick preview of some of the sessions at VMworld in the business continuity area. Probably many people headed to VMworld have already figured out their schedules, but given how many people buy their Christmas presents at the last minute I'm sure there are also quite a few people who haven't. Most of the session content will be posted to vmworld.com after the show, so anyone who has a subscription to vmworld.com (see http://www.vmworld.com/community/subscription/) or who attended VMworld will be able to see that even after VMworld is over.

Here's a list of a few sessions in the areas of availability, data protection, and disaster recovery that you may want to check out. Note that there are a large number of partners presenting at VMworld that you should also be checking out (see Schedule Builder to see all sessions), but since I'm not as familiar with the content of those sessions I'll be talking just about VMware-presented sessions.

Let's start with Availability:


  • BC3197: High Availability - Internals and Best Practices
    • We get lots of questions about how to deploy VMware HA. This session looks under the covers at some of the important details about how HA works and talks about several of the important settings and considerations to take into account when you're deploying VMware HA.
  • BC3370: VMware Fault Tolerance - Overview and Best Practices
    • One of the most talked-about features in vSphere, Fault Tolerance gets in this session an in-depth explanation of how it works, a list of the requirements to use it, and an explanation of what happens once you turn it on.
  • BC3369: VMware Fault Tolerance Real-World Use Cases
    • So now that you know how Fault Tolerance works and how to set it up, what can you use it with? This session starts with a quick review of the technology and then looks at some different scenarios related to use of Fault Tolerance, from providing guidelines for what type of applications could be protected with FT to explaining different scenarios for backup of VMs that have FT turned on.
  • BC3425: VMware Availability Solutions and Futures
    • This session will provide an overview of the features available in VMware products for availability today and providing a few examples of things that our engineers are working on to extend that technology in the future.


Under Data Protection:


  • BC2142: Data Recovery - Install / Configure and Troubleshooting
    • Provides an introduction to getting Data Recovery up and running, including planning and architecting backup solutions for your environment with Data Recovery.
  • Plus a lot of sessions from our data protection partners on how their solutions help you with backups of virtual machines and a session from a leading analyst on the topic.


And last but not least, for Disaster Recovery:


  • BC1500: vCenter Site Recovery Manager "Up and Running" - Best Practices & Avoiding the Pitfalls
    • From the expert known as ¨Smoggy¨on the Forums, this session will walk you through a number of different ¨gotchas¨ that customers could encounter while implementing SRM and give you the information you need to avoid getting tripped up by those gotchas.
  • BC3301: DR Architecture Design Workshop with SRM
    • In this session our services consultants are offering an interactive workshop format that walks you through the process of planning a DR plan for your virtual infrastructure and provides some frameworks for approaching that.
  • BC3396: How VMware uses Site Recovery Manager for its own Disaster Recovery
    • VMware is deploying Site Recovery Manager to enable automated failover for it's Exchange deployment. Learn about how our IT team architected and deployed a solution to meet the needs of the VMware messaging environment.
  • BC2260: Automated Disaster Recovery for Branch Offices using SRM and vSphere 4
    • The first of two sessions previewing some work we've been doing for enhancing automated DR with SRM. This session will focus on some work our engineering team have been doing that we hope to release later this year.
  • BC3421: SRM Architecture & Features: The Road Ahead
    • This session will start with a review of what SRM can do today and then talk about some of the longer-term directions that our engineers are working on for the future of automated DR.
  • Plus multiple sessions from customers who are leveraging VMware software in their DR solutions and from technology partners who help provide the complete DR solution (including partners who've worked with us on Site Recovery Manager integration)


Looking forward to a great VMworld and hope to see some of you there!



Source: VMware

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