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Role of virtualization: Rookie news!

on Tuesday, 04 January 2011. Posted in VMware

The business world has undergone an enormous transformation over the past 20 years. Business process after business process has been captured in software and automated, moving from paper to electrons.

In today’s world, virtually every strategic business decision has an IT implication. Market forces continue to accelerate in every region of the world, and across every industry, putting increasing pressure on IT departments to be more responsive and help organizations stay competitive and pursue new opportunities at lower cost.

Virtualization is rapidly transforming the IT landscape and fundamentally changing the way companies compute. Virtualization is the catalyst that makes IT as a Service a reality. It is the enabling technology on which cloud computing architectures are and will be built. Whether you have virtualized all of your IT assets and applications or you are just starting out, you are on your way to transforming to a new model for IT.

Before virtualization, IT organizations would run one application per physical server, so cost-per-server was a quick way to compare costs it was a one-to-one relationship. Therefore many data centers have machines running at only 10 or 15 percent of total processing capacity. In other words, 85 or 90 percent of the machine’s power is unused. It isn’t rocket science to recognize that this situation is a waste of resources. But once you virtualized, many applications (each on its own virtual machine) run on each physical server it is now a many-to-one relationship. When a server is used to host a number of virtual machines, it is faced with much higher levels of demand for system resources than would be presented by a single operating system running a single application.

Obviously, with more virtual machines running on the server, there will be more demand for processing. Even with two or more processors, virtualization can outstrip the processing capability of a traditional commodity server. Also, with more virtual machines on the server, there will be far higher storage and network traffic as each virtual machine transmits and receives as much data as would be demanded by a single operating system performing in the old “one application, one server” model. Furthermore, because virtualization makes the robustness of hardware more important, most IT organizations seek to avoid so-called Single Point of Failure (SPOF) situations by implementing redundant resources in their servers: multiple network cards, multiple storage cards, extra memory, and multiple processors and all doubled or even tripled in an effort to avoid a situation where a number of virtual machines can be stalled due to the failure of a single hardware resource.

Using a virtualization approach for disaster recovery has great benefits. "Virtualization has made disaster recovery extremely easy," almost for real speaking "It literally is a matter of copying a file to another location and getting it to run."

As virtualization is now a critical component of an overall IT strategy, it is important to choose the right vendor. VMware is still the leading business virtualization infrastructure provider, offering the most trusted and reliable platform for building a good IT infrastructure, private- and public clouds.

Let's virtualize

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