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PHD Virtual goes BaaS with CloudHook

Written by Roy Mikes on Monday, 11 March 2013. Posted in Cloud

CloudHook, your best value for Cloud Backup

PHD Virtual provides the absolute best value in virtual backup for VMware, Citrix, Cloud and monitoring solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments. More than 5,000 customers worldwide rely on their products. PHD Virtual's newest innovation features and now general available, CloudHook, a new module in PHD Virtual Backup 6.2 released. PHD Virtual CloudHook lets you choose the cloud backup option that’s best for you. CloudHook enables a PHD VBA to backup directly to cloud storage at Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files or any cloud provider that supports OpenStack/swift. And coming later this year, you’ll be able to choose PHD Virtual cloud archiving and disaster recovery services. It seems that PHD Virtual has a clear path with their backup to the Cloud solution.

Since Cloud is shaping in many ways, BaaS is one of the options you increasingly encounter. Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) uses cloud infrastructure to back up data to a shared infrastructure, rather than one that is dedicated backup infrastructure. PHD Virtual offers CloudHook as their BaaS solution for their customers who want a flexible, on-demand backup infrastructure without having to purchase, configure, or maintain it themselves. Much like an electric power utility, in which end-users consume and pay for power without needing to understand or maintain the component devices and infrastructure required to provide the service, customers can draw upon the elastic resources that cloud infrastructure delivers and pay only for what they need. 

Anyway. PHD has thus an ideal solution for small and medium enterprises. These are the type of companies that often have no IT resources for complex issues as Backup, Replication, Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery solutions and so on. Obviously, you need to think in advance about your Backup and Recovery Plan and how it should be decorated. After all, nothing goes without saying.

Cloudhook has built in granular source deduplication and stores only unique data from all of the VMs it protects. This reduces backup windows, cuts storage costs and gives you longer-term retention options which in the end saves money. You never need to perform another full backup after the first one, and the scale-out approach of the VBA can protect even large enterprise environments with ease.

The installation was more then easy. PHD Virtual Backup with CloudHook deploys in minutes as a virtual backup appliance (VBA), requiring no additional hardware or software supported by VMware vSphere 4.x, 5.0 and 5.1. VMware vSphere Hypervisor (the free version of ESXi) is not supported.  Each PHD Virtual Backup Appliance is deployed with a trial license, by default, which allows you to backup from, and replicate to, any hosts in your environment. Although multiple appliances can be deployed within a single environment, PHD Virtual Backup is licensed on a per-host basis. This means that after the trial period expires, you will need to select the hosts you will be backing up from and replicating to using the License Manager area of the PHD Console. In addition, you will need to apply a valid license to each deployed PHD VBA. 

Second, install the¬†PHD Virtual Backup Client Console (windows installer). After starting the console you select either Citrix or VMware, fill in the credentials and you almost as good to go. Almost means you need to setup your Cloud Storage.¬†There's a good document which covers three of the major cloud storage providers ‚Äď Amazon, Rackspace, and Google.



My experience so far with PHD CloudHook is that they done a great job. Their Cloud solution is spectacular and easy. Of course this is how it should be. One disadvantage where many service providers suffer from is speed!!!  One system will do the trick. Many... I guess not? Of course your data is de-duplicated which saves a good amount of time. Another note is that this is a great solution for an environment that is a 100% virtualized. So keep in mind you need to look for another solution using physical servers. PHD Virtual backup is only for VMs. The decision to use an appliance saves a lot of time installing and configuring a new server. Probably licenses too. So that's a big plus.

So this is definitely a product to look into. Want to know more? Register for a Free Webinar to learn more about new CloudHook!


3 Ways to Get Started 

1. Buy CloudHook now! Contact sales today. 
2. Get a free trial of PHD Virtual Backup with CloudHook now! 
3. Watch the video, read the datasheet and sign up for the live webcasts! 


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Roy Mikes

Roy Mikes has developed a deep knowledge of virtualization, storage and Cloud in a broad perspective over the past 18 years, but also streamlines his focus recently more and more on AI and Blockchain. Because of that knowledge and focus, Roy works as an Advisory Partner Solution Development Lead & Evangelist at Dell EMC.

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