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Nutanix creates multiple flavors

Written by Roy Mikes on Wednesday, 19 June 2013. Posted in General

Introducing the NX-1000 and NX-6000 series

I just blogged about Nutanix as a new player in Town and they surprised us with two fresh new models. Nutanix is a virtualization infrastructure company located in San Jose, California. The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform is a converged infrastructure solution that consolidates the compute (server) tier and the storage tier into a single, integrated hardware appliance. Nutanix’s mission is to virtualize the datacenter without the need for a SAN. But I told you that already.

Until recently they only had the NX-3000 and the slightly older NX-2000 in their portfolio. In basic the NX-3000 serie was standing all by itself and fit right in to most workload categories. But as you know there's not always 'one ring to rule them all'. Organisations need a choice. Often it's difficult for you to answer for a overqualification. Spend more money then probably needed. I think you get the point. So you need a solution that fits your needs.

Nutanix announced two new models to be added to their existing portfolio. The two series, named NX-1000 and NX-6000, goes at the opposite directions of there current portfolio. The NX-1000 series puts converged infrastructure within reach of small to mid-sized corporations, enterprise branch offices or retail stores at an attractive price point while also significantly streamlining IT management. The NX-6000 series allows enterprises to scale their Nutanix cluster by adding storage capacity as needed for applications with large data sets such as big data projects, high-end databases or demanding virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

The first model, NX-1050, differs from the primary model 3000. A lower amount of memory starts with 64 till 128 Gb maximum, and the use of Sandy Bridge E5-2620 CPUs with 6 cores instead of 2660 with 8 cores. This is still an incredibly powerful machine where the workload is lower than in the average area.

The second model, NX-6050/6070, focused to independently scale storage resources in a single converged infrastructure. This new high-end platform allows IT professionals to design and scale their datacenters one node at a time, and precisely match infrastructure requirements to the demands of specific applications. According to Nutanix each NX-6000 delivers 3 times more storage capacity and 2 times more flash capacity to run the most data intensive workloads, such as SQL databases, big data analytics projects and VDI deployments.  

No more ‚Äėone ring to rule them all‚Äô datacenter designs. We simply want to choose! And that's what Nutanix now offers.

More information about these models you can find here



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Roy Mikes

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