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Merry Christmas and a Cloudy 2012

on Sunday, 04 December 2011. Posted in Personal

All the best for a successful New Year!

Let's look back to 2011. I had another great year working with storage and virtualisation. Not only on personal level but also a very successful business year.

EMC and VMware are committed to offering more and more services in the cloud. VMware does a great job with vCloud director. vCloud Director leverages the efficient pooling of resources, delivered and consumed as a service. This is possible in public clouds or internally by corporate IT in a private cloud. In my opinion, the last one could be really a winner regarding partnerships or join-ventures. The last thing we want is to outsource IT. I guess, there is simply to much emotion involved. And wouldn't it be cool to manage your own environment, even if your hardware is stored somewhere else but you still owns it.

Cloud Computing Hype or Next Big thing, it's on! Customers are changing, needs changing. Employees want anytime, anywhere access to their data. Who still works from nine to five. This type of people belongs to the past. Whether we like it or not, we are forced! Whether its called Cloud or has a different name, method of work is changing. That's a fact!

EMC World in Vegas was as HOT as VMworld in Copenhagen. Everything about vegas is true. Really enjoyed spending time there. Maybe not every year ;), but you must have been there. Met a lot of people that you normally only encounter in communities. Have had good discussions and learned a lot. VMworld Copenhagen was a Dutch Party. Almost every Dutch vHero was present. Again had a great time too in this beautiful city. 2011 was also the year that my second abstract was accepted for the next phase of EMC’s Knowledge Sharing competition. Of course it's just an abstract of the whole story which will be published in march 2012. Despite the long wait I find it a great honor it wil be published and downloadable for everyone. Also a special thanks to my sponsors investing in me.

On a personal level new targets have been set. Cloud Architect, VCP5 and EMC Avamar certification for next year. At the same time upgrading my Microsoft status to server 2008. Hopefully I can convert these targets in success. We shall see what changes 2012 will bring us. In each case I am still in the position to work with great things. Last year I had the pleasure to work with a new EMC Avamar backup system. Seriously fun to work with. Next year I have a great roadmap and huge challenges. Cisco UCS, new EMC VNX (hopefully), vSphere 5 upgrade, VMware Disaster Reocery (SRM). Maybe #Cloud perspectives. The only thing left to say for me is...

Merry Christmas and a Cloudy 2012

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