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Latest StarWind news includes 3 new releases

Written by Roy Mikes on Wednesday, 14 November 2012.

StarWind Software has released three new releases of software in November.

They released StarWind Native SAN for Hyper-V V6 with enhanced Hyper-V Backup Plug-in. Also, Starwind present their Free editions of StarWind iSCSI SAN and StarWind Native San for Hyper-V with High Availability without any hidden costs. And finally, StarWind VMware Backup is available!

StarWind Releases a New Version of Storage Software and Enhanced Backup for Windows Server Hyper-V

The new version of StarWind Native SAN for Hyper-V is enhanced with the three-node synchronous mirroring of HA storage cluster. The system provides real-time replication and simultaneously updates the three distributed copies of data. The new HA architecture ensures a lot of 9's uptime, provides at least 50% higher performance compared to the 2-node configuration, intensifies redundancy, makes the storage resilient against failures, and greatly simplifies the maintenance. Henceforth, you can add high availability to StarWind virtual devices. It is possible to add high availability to the CDP-device, or export the entire physical disk as the HA device.

Another significant addition is a clustered scale-out NAS. Clustered NAS (NFS & CIFS/SMB) is configured on top of the highly available iSCSI SAN. StarWind consolidates file and block level data in the common storage pool, thereby creating unified SAN/NAS storage. Consolidated storage simplifies configuration and maintenance and increases the storage utilization rates.

Furthermore, StarWind Native SAN for Hyper-V introduces improved data deduplication. In-line target-side deduplication drastically cuts down storage space requirements and the amount of redundant data across the datacenter, decreasing storage expenses regardless of the data growth.

StarWind Software Launches Easy to Manage and Efficient Backup Solution for VMware

VMware Backup Plug-in is an agentless backup solution for easy and fast VM backup and
recovery, developed specifically for VMware-based environments. It fully supports VMware vSphere 5.1, making StarWind one of the first vendors to support this new hypervisor platform.

VMware Backup Plug-in stores VMware virtual machine data in the original VMDK file format, thereby enabling archives to be transparent to the third-party software. Besides the full VM backup, this technology provides an incremental backup option. It stores only those blocks that have changed since the last backup operation and ensures a considerable reduction of storage space requirements. VMware backup provides such essential tools as sandbox that permits running virtual machines from an archive in an isolated environment for testing or troubleshooting, and auto testing tool for already created archives.

Another significant feature is a built-in Global Deduplication providing the elimination of redundant data in both individual VM archives and between all VMs located on the connected ESX hosts within the same storage pool. Furthermore, VMware Backup Plug-in offers a cross-hypervisor support that enables the management and protection of both VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines from a Single Management Console.

Free Versions of Storage Virtualization Software with High Availability

The free editions of storage virtualization software offer an unlimited number of concurrent iSCSI connections and unlimited storage capacity for single-node device. The StarWind free editions with an HA device permit installation on two servers, but are limited in storage capacity to 128 GB. Hence, StarWind allows IT admins to simplify their life by enabling them to save the time and money of their respective organizations, as well as any customer to evaluate this advanced technology in testing labs, for personal use or education.

StarWind free editions offers a unique set of features, including Active-Active High Availability, Data Deduplication, CDP and Snapshots, Thin provisioning and high speed caching, etc. Such features as Asynchronous WAN-replication, SPTI and SAN/NAS cluster file share sharing are offered as paid upgrade options.

For more information on StarWind Software Inc., visit: www.starwindsoftware.com



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