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KEMP's Virtual Load Balancing

on Tuesday, 17 April 2012. Posted in General

KEMP’s market focus includes small-to-medium sized businesses, Fortune 1000 enterprises, remote enterprise branch offices and managed service providers, who view end-user satisfaction and IT web and application infrastructure reliability and optimization as mission-critical to their long-term success.

KEMP leads the industry in driving the price/performance value proposition for application delivery and load balancing to levels that their customers can afford. Their products’ versatile and powerful architecture provide a very high value, while enabling customers to optimize their businesses that rely on Internet-based infrastructure to conduct business with customers, employees and partners.

I was approached for testing one of their products. As a curious person, how can I say no to that. Kemp provided me the licenses and documentations. As a virtual guy it's more than welcome when they gave me a link to a virtual machine.

There are Load Balancers for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware which you can download over here. The virtual LoadMaster installs and runs as a 'Guest' operating OS/Application on a dedicated virtual machine. It provides features such as L4 load balancing, L7 content switching, SSL Offload, Server and Application Health Checking, IP and L7 Persistence, Caching, Compression, IPS and much more. It also supports stateful Active/Hot-standby configuration between two VLMs for redundancy and high-availability.

As I told you there are several Load Balancers for several Hypervisors as shown below.

- VMware ESX, ESXi, and VSphere (Requires 512MB disk space and at least 1GB memory)
- VMware Workstation, Server, and Player (Requires 512MB disk space and at least 1GB memory)
- Microsoft Hyper-V (Requires 1GB disk space and at least 1GB memory)

Installation is a straight forward thing after you downloaded the .OVF file and imported it into VMware. When you boot up the virtual machine and look at the console, the Virtual Load Balancer will obtain a DHCP address or statically assigned. Access the Virtual Load Balancer using https://<IP> or via VMware console.

In the beginning I was overwhelmed by the many possibilities this device has. Not really know how to start. But after a support call from Kemp where they put a lot of effort in I cloud give it a start. The documentation for the KEMP LoadMaster is OK. But I really do advise they look in to it. From my opinion it is too general to startl. But as said once, after the support call from Kemp it give you a pretty good feel for the product, how it functions and what you can achieve with it. The interface is well organized. These Server Load Balancers with integrated SSL acceleration and Layer 7 content switching are perfect for creating highly available server clusters. 

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