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FLARE Operating Environment

on Wednesday, 03 March 2010. Posted in EMC


EMC launched a new FLARE Code. EMC® FLARE® software is the component of the FLARE Operating Environment that controls the operation of the CX4-120, CX4-240, CX4-480, and CX4-960 disk-array storage systems. This release is a Patch revision and fix issues from recent and previous versions.

Problems fixed in version

  • If proactive sparing is in progress on a RAID group that is being expanded or defragmented, the expansion or defragmentation can stop making progress 234666
  • Storage processor bugchecks (0x01e00032, 0x01e00033) may occur.
  • A single SP panic (0x01e00032) may occur when a LUN is trespassed.
  • A failed upgrade from version 04.28 to version 04.29 when iSCSI I/O modules have been configured may result in the loss of iSCSI host access to one storage processor.
  • Storage processor bugchecks (0x000000D1) may occur when a host accesses a LUN.
  • When one storage processor is rebooting while LUNs are being trespassed to the peer storage processor, the peer storage processor may bugcheck (0x008000f1) if a trespassing LUN becomes unowned or degraded.
  • A set of drives becomes unavailable following a storage processor reboot or an LCC/cable replacement.
  • While processing a bind command, the peer storage processor may bugcheck (0x008000F1).
  • Upgrading from version 04.28 to version 04.29 may result in repeated reboots of a storage processor.
  • Standby power supply (SPS) cabling status can be incorrectly marked as faulted if an SPS transitions to battery-on-line while being tested.
  • When a LUN migration session’s owning storage processor is down, cancelling it from the peer storage processor may fail.
  • Recovery from an upgrade from version 04.28 to version 04.29 that failed may require a manual reboot to revert to 04.28.
  • After a single storage processor reboots, one or more LUNs could be assigned on the peer storage processor, but cannot be trespassed back.
  • A single storage processor bugcheck (0xe117b264) may occur when a host aborts an I/O request
  • A single storage processor bugcheck (0x0000007e) may occur while remapping a drive media error.
  • A RAID group expansion or defragmentation operation may fail to make progress.
  • A storage processor bugcheck occurred, but a diagnostic dump file was not generated.
  • Inserting a new drive or initiating a rebuild/equalize operation while a storage processor is booting may result in a single storage processor bugcheck (0x0000007e) on the peer storage processor.
  • A proactive copy operation may fail to complete on all LUNs in a RAID group.

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