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March's EMC Proven Professional Knowledge Sharing articles are available

on Sunday, 13 March 2011. Posted in EMC

Since 2007, program participants have generated and published a collection of more than 80 EMC Knowledge Sharing Articles highlighting perspectives on such topics as Cloud Computing, Content Management Best Practices, and innovative approaches for automating information infrastructure management tasks.

I received a mail from EMC for participating the contest. After some doubts, I decided to join and signed in. My article was selected for publication by March, 2011. Despite the long wait I found it a great honor it would be published and downloadable for everyone.

Storage, a Cloud storm or not?

So, what's this article about? In a time when everyone talks about Cloud computing, everyone seems to forget why we should – or should not – move our data to the Cloud. Anno 2011 the two hot topics are 'Cloud' and 'Big Data'. This article hopefully helps you understand the different sides of the many choices you will face, and helps you make wise decisions when dealing with data growth in relation to different considerations and solutions. This article also presents considerations to think about major functional areas of key requirements such as availability, capacity, performance, scalability, and data integrity in relation to Cloud services or other solutions. The objective is to keep all data manageable and secure, whether you put it in ‘the Cloud’, keep it in your own data center or make use of a hybrid Cloud.

In this article you find my thoughts from end 2009. A lot has changed in more than a year. And certainly the last months have brought a significant boost. So bear me if there are new views, opinions, beliefs, attitudes and perceptions which are not included . Let's face it, we cannot ignore data growth anno 2011 and beyond. If you think storing your enterprise data is a tough challenge now, it's nothing compared to what it might be in just a few years.

Besides that it's just great to be one of few who make it to publication. I already mentioned it but keep on saying this, it is a great honor. I wonder if my second article in 2010 wil also make it to publication.

Click on article for download!

Other articles to download: http://education.emc.com/guest/certification/benefits/ks.aspx

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  • gminks


    14 March 2011 at 00:55 |
    This is great! Congrats Mike!


  • Roy Mikes

    Roy Mikes

    14 March 2011 at 10:42 |
    Hi Gina,

    Thanks for your comment.


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