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EMC VNXe 1600 Released

Written by Roy Mikes on Wednesday, 05 August 2015. Posted in EMC

EMC expands the Entry Level with Affordable Block Storage

EMC just announced the VNXe1600, a block storage array, purpose-built for the price sensitive entry level SAN market. The aggressively priced VNXe1600 block storage array leverages the VNXe “ease of use” heritage to provide storage efficiency, simplicity, and reliability for SMB, ROBO, enterprise workgroup and departmental application storage requirements.

This new offer expands EMC’s entry level portfolio including the VNXe3200 Unified Hybrid Flash Array, the recently announced Most Affordable VNXe3200 Unified All Flash Array, Data Domain 2200 (starting at 4TB) solution that simplifies data protection, and vVNX - a virtual VNX entry platform with scale. All of these solutions are for their ease of ordering, ease of use and deployment, and ease of servicing and support.

The VNXe1600 is designed to be a customer installable/low touch, easy-to-use and deploy system for small scale mixed application and database workloads, Exchange, and virtual server environments. 

The following highlight just some of the offerings with the VNXe 1600 release:

  • Expanded Connectivity Support VNXe 1600 systems include an onboard Converged Network Adapter (CNA) which can be configured for either 8Gb Fibre Channel, 16Gb Fibre Channel, 10GbE Optical, or 10GbE TWINAX connectivity for deployment flexibility. VNXe 1600 systems also support additional connectivity via an optional 8Gb Fibre Channel, 10 GbE Optical, or 1 GbE copper I/O module.

  • Performance and Efficiency – By using many of the same MCx technologies available in the VNX2 and VNXe 3200 systems, the VNXe 1600 includes the ability to better utilize Flash storage, processor cores, and other technologies to offer better price/performance ratios.

  • Replication The VNXe 1600 offers native asynchronous replication to provide a local and remote replication solution that is compatible with other VNXe 1600, VNXe 3200, and vVNX systems.

  • Snapshots For local protection, the VNXe 1600 is able to take point-in-time snapshots of block data using the same storage space as the target resource. Snapshots on the VNXe 1600 are based on redirect-on-write technology, which can also be found on VNX2 and VNXe 3200 systems. 


The flexibility of the VNXe 1600 enables it to be configured with all SSDs for top performance or as a hybrid flash array for the performance of flash with the cost effectiveness of disk. Either way, the VNXe1600 is capable of delivering balanced and sustainable performance for running entry level block-based application environments.

The VNXe1600 starts in a dense 2U form factor configuration that easily scales to 200 drives and includes host connectivity options such as Fiber Channel and iSCSI (IPv4/6) with iSCSI Off Load performance.


The VNXe 1600 builds off of the available architecture of the VNXe 3200. The inclusion of MCx multicore optimization allows the VNXe 1600 to get performance and efficiency from the underlying hardware. With Intel Xeon E5 2.6 GHz Dual- Core CPUs and 8GB of memory per controller, the VNXe 1600 is an ideal solution for small businesses looking to consolidate storage, or larger enterprises looking to deploy a trusted storage platform in remote of branch offices. 

The hardware platform comes in either a 12-disk or a 25-disk DPE, and supports additional expansion DAEs of both 12-disks and 25-disks. 

Note that CNA ports must be configured symmetrically within and across storage processors. 


You will also benefit from the VNXe 1600 built-in enterprise storage software and advanced data services to ensure that valuable data is available, protected, and secure. The VNXe 1600 carries with it the VNXe 3200 software environment including:

• EMC Unisphere
• Unisphere Central
• Monitoring and Reporting (available end of 2015)
• MCx Multicore FAST Cache
• Thin Provisioning
• Native Block Snapshots
• Asynchronous Block Replication
• Virtualization Optimization with VMware and Microsoft
• PowerPath Multipath Management (optional)


More videos on the EMC Youtube channel:

VNXe1600 Video - Pool Based Provisioning
VNXe1600 Video - Connection Utility
VNXe1600 Video - Unisphere Overview
VNXe1600 Video - Storage Provisioning for Block (iSCSI)

Source: emc.com

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