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EMC Knowledge Sharing Article 2011

on Monday, 27 February 2012. Posted in EMC

How to Start Your Disaster Recovery in this “Cloudy” Landscape

Since 2007, program participants have generated and published a collection of more than 100 EMC Knowledge Sharing Articles highlighting perspectives on such topics as Cloud Computing, Content Management Best Practices, and innovative approaches for automating information infrastructure management tasks. After 2010, I received another mail from EMC for participating the contest. After some doubts the first time, I decided to join in again. This year my title is "How to Start Your Disaster Recovery in this “Cloudy” Landscape". Yes it's al about disaster recovery (DR). You can go very big with this. You know for sure you drown and that it does not work like you thought it would. Again I tried to keep the scope simple and pleasurable to read. In any case I hope that it arrives that way to the readers. However, there is a lot to consider before taking this road. Don't take it to easy because this remains a complex and foggy landscape.

Both my abstract where accepted in the EMC’s Knowledge Sharing competition 2010 and 2011. Guy's, I know it's 2012, but I have to wait untill March, which is in a couple of day's. Monthly, there will be published 2 or 3 Articles according to the Publishing Schedule. Of all entries, there are not more than 27 who have been nominated for publication last year.

Unfortunately again, I did not had the winning paper. But often they say that participation is more important than winning. Who am I kidding :). No, seriously, that was not my goal!

A new article will be published soon (March). Despite the long wait I find it a great honor it wil be published and downloadable for everyone. In case you're curious, EMC is trying to publish a variety of topics each month so that the global audience 'stays tuned' throughout the year. Each month, EMC actively promote each articles in the EMC Proven Professional community and Education Services websites.

The EMC’s Knowledge Sharing program is a great initiative that allows people from around the globe to tell their story, whether it is about Cloud Computing, Content Management, Backup and Recovery, innovative approaches or other stuff. Let's face it, it's hot and there is too much to tell. These articles are written exclusively by EMC Proven Professionals, anyone can learn from these Knowledge Sharing articles. If you are not a Proven Professional then take the next step, get certified!

In a couple of day's I provide the link to the article. If you are curious you can download the Book of Abstraction by clicking on the book below. 

Click on article for download of Book of Abstraction!

 Click on article for download the actually article!

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Comments (2)

  • Stefan Jacob

    Stefan Jacob

    05 March 2012 at 20:15 |
    Nice article. Shame you didn't win :)


  • teovmy


    05 March 2012 at 21:07 |
    Indeed, It's a shame. Thanks for your compliment.


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