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EMC AppSync 1.5

Written by Roy Mikes on Wednesday, 04 September 2013. Posted in EMC

Single-Click Application Protection for VNX Storage

With AppSync, you can transform the way you protect your critical applications like Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server (application consistent) and any applications on VMware datastores (crash consistent).

AppSync provides a simple, self-service, and SLA-driven approach for protecting virtualized Microsoft applications in VNX deployments.

Virtual environments are dynamic, and AppSync responds by following the application as it moves within the infrastructure assuring SLAs are maintained. After defining service plans (gold = synchronous replication), application owners can protect their own data with a single click, making space-efficient copies of production data and recovering data quickly at any granularity.


Simple: AppSync is simple with EMC Unisphere-like interface and can centrally push and upgrade its agents to application servers. AppSync is a fully customer-installable product. Unlike Replication Manager, EMC Solutions Enabler is not required with AppSync, as it connects to the VNX and EMC RecoverPoint hardware components directly through their native APIs.  The product makes protecting applications and databases easy and fast.  You can protect 22 TB of Exchange databases in less than 5 minutes.

SLA-driven: AppSync uses a concept of service plans to protect and restore applications. These service plans are designed to meet specific service level requirements and map to replication technology on a VNX array (Gold = Concurrent Remote and Local Protection), Silver = Remote Protection Bronze = Local Protection). These protection policies and their names are fully customizable and can be applied to your data with a single click. Once a plan is setup, you can provide alerts to users to let them know that a plan is meeting or not meeting the SLA promised by the plan.

Self-service: An AppSync administrator can create and customize the service plans and assign them to an administrator so that they can protect and restore their own data (and their customer's data). The product has a roles-based permissions and access system, and can be connected to LDAP if desired.  In Exchange environments, Exchange admins can restore single mail items using EMC ItemPoint. In VMware environments, customers manage VMware protection from AppSync and as an option, can leverage AppSync Management from EMC's Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) - which directly plugs into vCenter.


What’s New with AppSync?

  • Support for SQL Server 2008 and 2012
  • Support for NFS (File) Replication for VMware
  • Support for Exchange 2010 and 2013
  • Adds “Native” VMware Datastore Protection
  • Supports Latest RecoverPoint and VNX updates

AppSync now defaults on the VNX Total Efficiency Pack, VNX Total Protection Pack and VNX Application Protection Suite!

More info, visit http://www.emc.com/storage/data-replication/appsync.htm


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Roy Mikes

Roy Mikes

Roy Mikes has developed a deep knowledge of virtualization, storage and Cloud in a broad perspective over the past 15 years, but also streamlines his focus on VMware and EMC Technology. Because of that knowledge and focus, Roy works as a Cloud and Storage Technologist Specialist, Data Center Architect Specialist and VMware Certified Professional.

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