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Enabling the future ready partner

Written by Roy Mikes on Tuesday, 31 July 2018. Posted in EMC

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When we look at the contemporary digital landscape we are flooded with new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Machine learning and many more. This is a new digital age what many call the next industrial revolution. While previous industrial eras were powered by steam, coal and electricity, this one is powered by data.

At the same time existing products and proven technology are developing at a rapid pace. Hyper Converged are being adopted more and more. Data Protection becomes a necessity. The Data Center industry saw a spike in flash disks and memory density that signaled a shift from evolution to revolution.

Nowadays technology is changing the way we work and live.

Technology has changed our expectations for speed. We need everything now and want it immediately. In fact, our attention span has actually become shorter in less than 10 years. We work wherever and whenever we want. Our laptops and mobile phones are (24/7) connected. More than 60% of employees work after office hours. Yet part of this change is also scary - we are more at risk than ever before because we are more connected. In 2016, 1.1 billion identities were exposed as a result of data leaks and the number of attacks doubled. Despite these changes, this creates opportunities.

This is why companies nowadays increasingly embrace digital transformation. They want to work more flexibly, more innovatively, more user-oriented and more customer-friendly. To be successful, companies need to transform all aspects of their business, these customers need a partner that they can trust and help to transform.

Continued partner development

As a loyal Dell EMC partner, Nalta knows exactly how to exploit their opportunities and expertise. Nalta wants to expand her expertise to serve customers even better to make this complex landscape simple, affordable and secure with focus on business outcomes instead of costs. They have expressed their full commitment to the Dell EMC Data Protection Portfolio. To help each other we are implementing a Strategic Technical Enablement Plan (STEP) of Dell EMC to be better prepared for the questions and challenges of customers in this area.

STEP up your game

STEP is about knowledge and focus. Typical human behavior is that people tend to learn everything quickly and go on with their daily business. We want to improve their daily business to improve their sales cycle. More focus and customization creates a stronger alignment which increases productivity - self sufficiency - passion - commitment - motivation and loyalty. We share a common goal to accelerate customer businesses. We want to have these “higher” conversations, but they often held back either because they don’t feel like they have the tools or they are not prepared. It indicate that it is a continuous process in which both organizations improve!

In basic their are 4 steps:

• Analyse the history, Fix the basis & Set a focus.

• Exactly defined goal with services, certifications, skills, etc.

• Gap analysis; What exists - what is the ‘wish’. Partner view vs. Dell EMC view

• Resources needed, Persons must be named and „education time“ be accepted

How to determine the skills of a Partner? When is a person qualified or not? If someone is certified, he has proven to have a certain level of knowledge in his possession. A self-assessment gives a good picture of how the partner thinks about his level of knowledge. A third instrument is to work closely together to bring this into line with each other's expectations. Test your knowledge with customer cases, partner programs, product, tool & soft skills, etc. is a path that we both undergo. By challenging each other we both learn from each other, which we both benefit from! This process is not only for a good relationship between partner and vendor, but especially good for customers in the end.

This way of enablement has proven to be extremely valuable. Whether the business case is IoT or complex Data Protection including GDPR, Nalta has positioned itself perfectly in the market to answer the challenges that live with customers these days to help them transform their business.

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