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AppSync Configuration and Management Overview

Written by Roy Mikes. Posted in Certification

Abstract: In this course, the student will review important topics involved in implementing AppSync, a new product from EMC for replicating applications. The focus will be on the need for AppSync, identifying the components that comprise an AppSync architecture, describing common terminology used in, and explaining an AppSync deployment. The Installation of AppSync will also be presented.

Direct link: https://education.emc.com/guest/store/default.aspx go for promotional offers.


NOTE: Powerlink account needed


VMware Security Solution Fundamentals

Written by Roy Mikes. Posted in Certification

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- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 1 Hours
This free eLearning course provides the background information needed to work with the products included in the VMware Security Solution. The course begins with a review of basic security methodologies and how virtualization affects security. References for follow-on reading are provided for students less familiar with these concepts. Next, the course discusses the VMware security strategy. Each product in the VMware Security Solution is introduced by discussing the limitations of traditional security controls and describing how the products in the solution address these limitations. The course concludes with a list of relevant security and compliance online resources.

Objectives:    After this course, you should be able to:
‚Äʬ†¬†Recognize the process and strategies that security managers use to¬†¬†manage risks to information and information systems
‚Äʬ†¬†Name ways that virtualization affects security and compliance
‚Äʬ†¬†List the top vulnerabilities applicable to virtual environments
‚Äʬ†¬†Explain the basic strategy to protect a virtual environment¬†
‚Äʬ†¬†Name the main purpose of each product included in the VMware security solution
‚Äʬ†¬†For each product in the VMware security solution, discuss how key features address the challenges of securing virtual environments with traditional security controls.
‚Äʬ†¬†Find additional security and compliance resources posted on vmwrae.com
Prerequisites:    None
Outline:    Quick review of security concepts and methodology

       -  IT security and compliance objectives and process
       -  Control principles
       -  Types of security tools

     How virtualization affects security

       -  Common and unlikely vulnerabilities
       -  Main security and compliance concerns hindering cloud adoption

    Platform security

       -   Summary of platform security architecture
       -   What VMware is doing to make the platform secure

    Defense-in-depth security architecture in virtual environments

       -  Challenges of traditional approaches
       -  Introducing the VMware vShield solution
       -  Use cases

    Configuration management in virtual environments

       -  Challenges of traditional approaches
       -  Introducing VMware Configuration Manager
       -  Use cases

    VMware security and compliance online resources

VMware Site Recovery Manager Fundamentals [V5.1]

Written by Roy Mikes. Posted in Certification

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Course Description
Self-Paced (3 Hours)
The SRM Essentials free elearning course equips experienced VMware vSphere administrators with the knowledge to install, configure, and manage VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 5.1. This elearning also equips vSphere administrators with the knowledge to assist in disaster planning and test disaster recovery plans with SRM. This course introduces different storage replication options and focuses on vSphere Replication.

Objectives:   After completing the course, you should be able to: 

‚Äʬ†¬†Install SRM 5.1¬†
‚Äʬ†¬†Connect the sites¬†
‚Äʬ†¬†Configure inventory mappings in SRM¬†
‚Äʬ†¬†Configure placeholder datastores¬†
‚Äʬ†¬†Configure datastore mappings¬†
‚Äʬ†¬†Configure vSphere Replication-based protection groups in SRM¬†
‚Äʬ†¬†Create, edit, execute, test, and remove a recovery plan in SRM¬†
‚Äʬ†¬†Discuss reprotect and failback¬†
‚Äʬ†¬†Describe SRM alarms¬†
‚Äʬ†¬†List administrative tasks

The course consists of three modules: 

‚Äʬ†¬†Introduction to VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) provides an overview of the challenges that organizations face when a disaster occurs, and how SRM acts as the best disaster recovery product. This module also discusses the benefits that organizations can realize by utilizing the new features that SRM 5.1 provides.¬†
‚Äʬ†¬†Setting up Protection is the second module, that demonstrates how to install VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager and set up the protected site. This module discusses how to prepare for an SRM deployment; install SRM; configure SRM; configure vSphere Replication; and create protection groups.¬†¬†
‚Äʬ†¬†Managing Disaster Recovery is the last module that demonstrates how to create, configure, test, and run disaster recovery plans. This module discusses features that are new in version SRM 5.0 and later, such as reprotection and automated failback. Finally, this module also discusses SRM alarms and some administrative tasks.


VMware vSphere: What’s New [V 5.1]

Written by Roy Mikes. Posted in Certification

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Course Description
Self-Paced (1 Hour)
Overview:¬†This training course explores new features in VMware vCenter Server‚ĄĘ 5.1 and VMware ESXi‚ĄĘ 5.1.

Objectives: ¬† By the end of the course, you should gain an understanding and should be able to implement the following new functions and features of VMware vSphere¬ģ 5.1:
‚Äʬ†¬†Compute and Storage
   o  Support for hardware version 9, the latest CPU performance counters and virtual shared graphics acceleration designed for enhanced performance.
   o  For better space efficiency vSphere supports storage space reclamation for VDI. 

   o  Support for VXLAN
¬†¬† o¬†¬†Enhanced vSphere Distributed Switch‚ĄĘ that supports:
¬†¬†¬†¬† Ôā߬†¬†Network health check
¬†¬†¬†¬† Ôā߬†¬†Backup and restore
¬†¬†¬†¬† Ôā߬†¬†Rollback and recovery
¬†¬†¬†¬† Ôā߬†¬†Link Aggregation Control Protocol support
¬†¬†¬†¬† Ôā߬†¬†Single-root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV)

¬†¬† o¬†¬†VMware vSphere vMotion¬ģ without the need for shared storage configurations.
   o  VMware vSphere Data Protection for simple and cost effective backup and recovery, 
   o  vSphere Replication enables efficient array-agnostic replication of virtual machine data over the LAN or WAN. 

‚Äʬ†¬†Security: Inclusion VMware vShield Endpoint‚ĄĘ to eliminate the agent footprint from the virtual machines, offload intelligence to a security virtual appliance, and run scans with minimal impact.¬†

‚Äʬ†¬†Automation: Two new methods for deploying new vSphere hosts to an environment make the Auto Deploy‚ĄĘ process more highly available than ever before.

‚Äʬ†¬†VMware vCenter Enhancements:¬†
   o  vSphere Web Client 
   o  vCenter Single Sign-On
   o  VSA enhancements
   o  Support for Additional Disk Drives
   o  Increase Storage Capacity Online
   o  vCenter running on the VSA Cluster
Prerequisites:   Attendance at one of these VMware vSphere 5.0 courses:
‚Äʬ†¬†Install, Configure, Manage
‚Äʬ†¬†Fast Track
‚Äʬ†¬†What‚Äôs New

Or equivalent vSphere 5.0 administration experience
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